Skills & Tools

I have extensive experience using a range of digital tools for producing creative content. Here are my weapons of choice.

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe InDesign






After Effects



Here are some of the services I offer.


You can ask for any type of drawing: animals, landscapes, children's illustration, fantasy, portrait and even pet portrait.

PhD Thesis Covers

I can illustrate whatever you imagined for your thesis cover, and design the layout of the cover or/and the whole thesis content.

Editorial Design

I illustrate and/or design every kind of publication, book or magazine.

Branding & Merchandising

Do you need a new image for your company or are you starting from scratch? I'll gladly help you.

Scientific Illustration

All kind of figure or illustrations: specimen studies, anatomy, cell biology, taxonomy, etc.

Handmade art and Crafts

Handmade drawings, bookbinding (Japanese, sewn binding, etc).

Hand-painted Fabric

Hand drawn personalized designs on jeans, jackets, wedding dresses, etc.

Figure editing for papers

I edit and redo scientific content like figures for papers, graphical abstracts, posters, presentations, lab logos, social media post for outreach.

UX/UI Designs

User friendly designs for app and web content.

Why Me

Endless possibilities

Endless resources

Digital and analogue illustration, graphic design, branding, Editorial design, handmade crafts (hand-painted fabric like jackets, tote bags), bookbinding, ...Scientific illustrations, figures PhD thesis covers, etc.


Digital illustrations make it possible to play with ideas, change details without redoing the creation, and making it adaptable to every size and surface.

Original gift

A portrait, pet portrait, prints of my drawings, posters, mugs, tote bags, bookmarks, personalized jeans, etc.

All kinds of events

You will find something for every kind of events: birthday cards, weddings cards and centerpieces, christmas cards and gifts, valentines day, etc. And if you have a specific idea, tell me, we will design your idea together.

Best of both worlds

I bring the best combination of analogue experience drawing on paper, illustrating nature, animals and portraits, and graphic design with its vectorize illustrations, design, branding and merchandising.


As a scientist, I can help you design figures for your paper, journal covers, thesis covers, and scientific illustrations. As well as design the layout of your PhD thesis

Art & Science

This is where Art & Science meet. From Pure graphic design, to illustration to scientific content.

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